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I will posting my review hopefully in January of this exciting and fun new sci-fi adventure where Tom finds himself thrown through time into the past without his beloved technology run life (which is our present time) and we follow him discovering a whole different version of his family and life.

Due to be published and out in stores for purchase. 2/7/17

Looking forward to telling you what I thought of it.




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Emma finds a mysterious envelope with just the word open on it. Inside a message reads: “for a real adventure with Jesus go through the nearest open door.” She takes a chance and goes on the adventure to learn some answers to the questions that have been plaguing her and giving her pain.

Let’s go on the adventure with her and see where it takes us.

I am hoping to give this review around the end of December or so. If you read it tell me what you think maybe i will add your thoughts to the review and give you credit on it.