Featuring in July!


Book- A -Thon

I am encouraging everyone to read in July. Just give it a try. I will be participating in the You tube book a thon. This book a thon is simply reading as much as you can during the last week of July. Read whatever you want at any level you want.
Wanna join in more fun? check out youtube typing in the search bar 2017 book a thon and check out what challenges will be happening that last week and what others are doing.
It is summer take reading with you wherever you go and just have fun with it. Share what you read with others both in person and on social medias. Let’s all encourage others to read more! ¬†Below are a few videos on reading and the book a thon. Happy reading!
In other good news I have been approved as a professional reader by net galley online. Thanks net galley for this fun experience.