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Fanged Princess

Fanged Princess

Elisabeth Wheatley

Rating: ♣♣♣ (liked)

I found this short adventure about a vampire boy who falls in love with a human girl to be filled with adventure and action. You really feel for the characters especially the boy’s sister whose eyes the story is told from.

There are some terms that people may not be familiar with in the book such as “Kaiju” but, that does not hurt the story and you can always look up the words especially on the easy kindle and e reader versions. I think this is worth reading. The characters start to pull you in especially when you understand who they are more. I think this book and others by Ms. Wheatly are a great inspiration for young writers since she is a senior in high school herself.

Favorite quote:

“Because my father strongly disapproves of human-vampire relationships that last longer than breakfast” ~Fanged Princess. 2013

Where you can find authors book:


2 thoughts on “Fanged Princess

    1. It was my pleasure. I would love to read all of your books. If you know of anyone else who would like their books, etc… reviewed let me know. Thanks for your time and work.

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