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Not a sparrow falls

Not a sparrow falls

Linda Nichols

Rating: ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ (5)


In this powerful story of redemption and love, a prodigal young woman from the hills of Virginia flees the men who lured her away from a godly upbringing into a life of desperation. Taking on a new identity, Mary Bridget Washburn escapes to the quaint city of Alexandria, Virginia, where her path crosses that of a widowed minister with three young children and daunting problems of his own. Can Mary Bridget and her tainted past stay hidden long enough for her to bring hope to a family falling apart?

What I thought:

I found this book to be a refreshing look at different individuals spiritual journeys. I loved this story. I love how the author helps you feel and see what is around the characters and get a sense of what they are feeling in those environments. I especially liked the descriptions of the parsonage. You could feel the transitions in the house as they happened. I also enjoyed imagining the changes in the people especially the people. If you are judgmental of the characters at the beginning then hold your seat because you will be rooting for them towards the end.  The book also gives good insight into some of the troubles that face some churches and leaders. I fully enjoyed the journey. I want to keep following the kids in the story and their upbringing and adventures.

A favorite section of the book: 

“If the Lord of glory left heaven and came to earth, then you can surely pick the beans,” or clean the toilet, or whatever it was Grandma had in mind for her to do.

Where you can find the book:


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