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Collapsed Cathedrals – NEW

Collapsed Cathedrals - NEW

Eli Hinze

Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (4) really liked.


Six months after her otherworldly experience beneath the sands of Egypt, Liz Patrona is just getting by in the normal world, seemingly abandoned by those she called friends. Without warning they come beating at her door, calling her to immediate action. Her adversary Jakeus has traveled to the mountains of an uncharted European land, back to a delicate point in time. Therein lies Rosamund, a thriving Guard civilization where Liz’s people are very much alive. Not only do Guards and Epilektoi abound, but the malevolent Loki as well, biding their time as they plan a foul revenge. At the top of their hierarchy stands Jakeus. Liz takes on Rosamund’s protection as her personal duty, enduring everything from abduction, public execution, and betrayal by those she trusts most to protect it. As the clock ticks down, she discovers the one person the Loki are convinced will lead them in their quest for Rosamund’s destruction . . .

Liz herself.

What I thought:

I did not know if this second book in the series would hold up to the first one that I liked so much but, it did it even more justice. I loved the characters. It helped me really understand the different races and places so much better. It also helps you understand how the enemy Jakeus became the way he is. I loved how it showed the differences in the regular world, the world of Salome and the new world they have the adventure in. This book had lots of hidden meanings and lessons to learn in it. I enjoyed seeing the different points of view from the different characters as well. The romance aspect did not take up the whole book but was fun and interesting. I liked the aspects of the war and powers. I especially liked learning about Jakeus character and how different areas responded to the powers of the characters. I found the book interesting and very enjoyable.

A favorite passage of the book:

Is the conflicting feelings of the characters in the book. The love triangle of Mark and her protecter. Also in Jakeus and the main characters relationship and battle between good and evil. The relationships of the characters families. I liked this part: “And then Jakeus made a mistake. A horrible mistake, causing a battle to rage within his head. He had just gone to see Liz in the forest, something he both wished he had never done, and yet he yearned to still be there. Simple as breathing, she extended a hand to him and offered him a fresh start. A one way ticket away from all his sin and hate and the malicious crowd surrounding him. He refused”.

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