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While Beauty Slept


Elizabeth Blackwell – fiction

Rating: (4) really liked it

Description: Elise Dalriss goes back to tell the story of when she worked with the Queen and the sleeping beauty. She relives the events of her life as they unfolded going to work at the castle, learning of her real father, understanding what evil looks like and about just what loyality would mean to her. It is a more realistic retelling of the famous “Sleeping beauty” story.

What I thought of it: I started reading this book because I liked the fairytale story “Sleeping Beauty” especially the evil villian. If you are expecting more fantsy writing like the orginals than this may not be what you are looking for. I found this a much more realistic look at what it would be for a young girl growing up in service in the castle of royality. I was very drawn in by the intimate lives of the characters. I wanted to know what would happen to each and every one of them. This villian is different from the fairytale but, the author does justice with the character. You grow to hate her and feel sorry for her. The book gets pretty dark as expected in real life at that time period probably would. It did not make me put the book down though by the end I am happy with the world again. I loved the look into what it would have been like at that time living in the roles described. I found it very interesting and I like the little realistic tie in with the orginal story.

A favorite passage in the book: (This may be changed later since I am reviewing a uncorrected proof )

“I am the last of my family’s line,” Millicent proclaimed, “and with Rose’s death the throne passes to me. As it should have, long ago.” She had the look and bearing of a madwomen, yet I could not deny that her words held a certain truth. Had she not been born a women, what a ruler she might have been! Freed of the bitterness that had so corrupted her soul, she would have been capable of greatness.

Where you can find it:

Bookstores  on Feb. 20, 2014



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