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Glitter and glue


Kelly Corrigan – memoir

Rating: (3) liked it

Description: The story of how traveling, being a nanny for a widowed family, having her own family helps her understand her relationship with a a broken bond with her own mother.

What I thought: This book was an easy read with much to keep my interest. I could relate to not really feeling like you know a parent or feeling close to them. I liked seeing how the things going on in her life effected how she saw her parents. I was sad to see that there was not a fairytale ending with the family she was a nanny for. The ending of the book where she tells how her life ended up seemed very rushed but, I guess because that was not the focus on the book. I very much enjoyed taking the journey with the author in reliving parts of her life. I loved reading the book.

A favorite passage in the book: My favorite part in the book is the story of her being a nanny to the family but, this is one of my favoirite passages:

      “Beneath my frustration is real fear. What if my kid lacks a handful of the critical life skills we’re always reading about in the school newsletter: Persistence, Coachability, Curiousity? What if there’s iceberg hardening right now beneath this defeatism?”

I like this passage because I think every mother feels this at some point worried they are not doing a good job raising their child and they question themselves.

(passage may be changed once the book is published)

Where you can find it:

In bookstores Feb. 2014


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