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The Bone Knife


Intisar Khanani

fantasy – fiction

Rating: ♣♣♣ (3 liked it)


About a family having three daughters. A fairy comes to their home putting them in danger and threatening to expose their secrets. They must find a way to hide their secret and keep their family safe while at the same time helping the fairy with business and a safe exit.

What I thought:

This is a very short story so I was not sure what to think of it at first. I jumped right in not sure what was going on because the book does not describe a setting in which to place the people or who they are right away. However, the characters drew me in. I loved the relationship between the sisters and parents. I most LOVED the descriptive way the author writes about the foods, smells, textures and what the environment looks and feels like. I felt like I was in this home getting to know the three girls. I wanted to know what was in store for each of their unique characters.

I am not such of a faerie person when it comes to fantasy books but, I adapted to it. I like the magic element to it. I was getting deep into the characters and what was to come when the book suddenly (to me) ended. I was highly disappointed with the quick ending. I learned after reading it that there will be a second book where it goes on but, I am not a huge fan of on going books especially if they can not stand on their own and be understood. I had mixed emotions at the end and I want to know what happens with the girls. Even with my disappointment though I still recommend this book as a good quick read and I hope I can see where she takes the characters in the next book.

A favorite passage:

When the sisters are in the kitchen cooking and the sister with the club foot is describing her sisters food. I love how comfortable and cozy it seems. I like how she is admiring her sister skill and makes you want to be there and experience what that food is like.

Where you can find it:

amazon, ebay, from the author


2 thoughts on “The Bone Knife

  1. Hi Kim, thanks so much for your review! I’m glad The Bone Knife drew you in, though I’m sorry the ending didn’t quite work for you. It’s supposed to be a prequel short story to a trilogy that I am working on (I’m hoping to get the first book out this year–and don’t worry, it will be a full-length novel). But I’ve heard back from a lot of folks that this story is a bit too short. I think that’s taught me to go long in future! 🙂 I’m definitely learning as I go along. Thanks again for the review!

    1. No problem. I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters in the next ones. I am reading your Sunbolt book right now. I am really liking it.

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