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Lancaster soft caramels – candy



Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (4 really liked)


Is advertised as a creamy soft caramel. It says it is naturally flavored and softer than traditional caramels.

What I thought:

I bought the small size because they were a little expensive in my opinion. I tried one right away. I was in love. I found that they are very creamy and soft. It is like the caramel in a milk dud expect a little softer and creamier. They are wrapped separetly and there are about six in the small packet. which sold retail for about $1.46. I thought it was worth it if you were going to take a indivual candy to an event or something. The only negative that I had that kept me from giving it a perfect score was the price from the regular size was a little expensive and it is not a healthy treat. It being a candy means I can not have it regularly but, now will crave it. smiles.

Where I bought it:

Hy-vee and should be in most retail stores.


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