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The Appetites of Girls


Pamela Moses – Fiction

Her fist novel

releases for sale on 6/26/14

Rating: (4) really liked

Description: The story follows the life of four girls through childhood, college (where they meet each other), into early adulthood. We see their relationships with food, family, friends and men as they grow.

What I thought: You get to really know someone when you learn their life story. This is true of the author’s characters. I learned them through the stages they went through in life. I loved seeing how their childhood helped to form their thoughts and then college made them analyze those thoughts and opinions and then I got to see how they applied learning for themselves what was true for themselves in early adulthood. As a women I can really relate to the issues of the women in different areas. I was very interested to find out where their lives would leave them and if they would stay friends or drift apart.

The only downside I had with the book was the ending of it’s characters. It made it seem that finding the right man made their life happy and complete finally and I don’t feel that is realistic or a good example for women. It is great and fulfilling for women to find a great man but, it is just as good to learn how to be happy on your own and you can have a happy life without needing a man to fulfill you.

A favorite passage in the book: At one point in the book one of the characters is trying to get over a possible relationship but, is very hurt and having a hard time and this passage was describing her getting through it to move on.

“Evening after evening, I stayed awake for hours watching late-night talk shows so that I would stumble into bed exhausted- no time for remembering or wondering, for running a hand in the dark over the cool of the empty sheet beside me. Each morning I made long lists of daily errands- notes to write,calls to return, chores to be completed in my new apartment-revising them regularly, filling my mind with practical matters, filling my schedule, stopping up the spaces where loneliness tried repeatedly to seep in.” ~The appetites of girls~

(passage may be changed once the book is published)

Where you can find it:

retail stores and eventually amazon.

In bookstores Feb. 2014


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