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Damage Control

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Dean Merrill – christian non-fiction

Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (really liked)

Description:his book addresses what Christians are doing that makes them look bad and turns away those who are far from God. It gives us a guide and suggestions on how to avoid bad behaviors that are not Christ like. The shines light on how we can better represent the Lord in our daily walk and with other Christians and avoid arguments and division between Christians.

What I thought: I felt this book did a great job in shining light on how christian’s can hurt their own image and represting Christ in how they are behaving. I loved the examples and instruction on how we as christian’s can better come together and represent ourselves better. I like how this book promotes peace and understanding between believers and non believers alike.

A favorite passage in the book: One of the parts of the book that stood out to me was how christian”s treat each other and how they really show do that.

Another part was the author expanding on the scripture: Luke 14:12-14 in which he talks about how Jesus dinner a very nice dinner tells people to continue to have dinner’s but not to invite friends, or family but instead to invite strangers–the poor, lame, blind. How many of us are brave enough to reach out and do that for people who are not close to us? This is really stepping out of our comfort zone like Christ so many times ask us to do.

Where you can find it: amazon, some churches, library, ebay


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