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A pleasure and a calling — Phil Hogan

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Phil Hogan- suspense/mystery-fiction

*Note: I read this before published so I can not quote anything directly only generally.

Rating: ♣♣♣ (liked it) not my favorite genre but intriguing and worth the read.

Description: Mr. Heming is a real estate agent who keeps a very close eye on his territory some may say too close. He is protective of what goes on in his properties and this can make for some interesting obstacles.

What I thought: Being someone who has once in awhile took a peek into someones lit up house window when driving by and wondering what their life might be like I was drawn in and intrigued by the idea of Mr. Heming having access to the people’s houses and what he finds. Quickly however I found myself alternating from feeling bad for the main character to thinking this is some sick mad man. I had to keep reading to see what would happen with this character and how deep the issues with him went. I enjoyed the journey whether it be right or wrong.

A favorite passage in the book: My favorite parts of the book were just in the simple details of learning about people and what their homes were like and how that described things about the essence of the people themselves.

I like to just sometimes observe people and I wonder about what they think and what they do and what it is to live like them and be close to them. I would never do anything close to what the character in the book does but, it is an idea that I think many people wonder about. To go into people’s homes and lives and have a peek for a bit.

Where you can find it: amazon, retail stores, library


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