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Lost Lake


Sarah Addison Allen – fiction/relationships


Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (really liked it) simple but comfortable

Description: Eby Pim has lost her husband and for the last year herself. She wakes up with a new drive to be there for her daughter who she decides to take to the summer resort of her youth. What she finds there is exactly what she needs in the perfect place, perfect time and the best people she could have imagined.

What I thought: I have followed and read each book by this author but, I was a little put off by the description of this one and was not sure i would enjoy it. I decided to give it a try anyway. I am SO glad i did. For me it was the perfect summer reading book. It brought back all those feelings of summer and vacationing and the loves of country girls like me. As i read about the lake, cabins, and barbeque’s by night I was taken back to my youth as well. I could smell the summer and the food. I could hear the music and the people. I could feel that feeling of being somewhere away from home but feeling like you were really home. It made me want to visit the place. With a little bit of magic thrown it in it was touching, fun, and I could relate to it.

A favorite passage in the book: “She remembered her grandmere (grandma) once holding out her spotted, papery fingers and telling Lisette that old hands made the best food. Old hands can hold memories of good things, she had said.”

I loved that passage because it is so true! When we think of someone we loved who has aged whether it is a friend, mother, or grandmother we do not concentrate on what they are on the outside but on their spirit and who they were to us and the love they showed. Everything seems better to us when it is made or done by someone we really care about and the more wise they are the more they tend to know. I thought of my grandmother and my mom in this passage.

Where you can find it: amazon, ebay, library


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