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3 Movies 1 night

my movie gift codes are in. Lets watch some movies.


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⇒The house october built:    rating: ♣♣ (did not like)

description: friends check out haunted house events through Texas (suppose to be left footage) and end up in a real life haunting of their own.

what I thought: I thought this movie could have been much better. There were aspects of it from time to time that gave promise like the angry haunted house workers that could have been following them to add to the terror. The building up of getting more and more scared with unique ways of scaring them and making them wonder. “HOWEVER”…. I hated the ending. Without spoiling for those that may (don’t know why) enjoy the film, then end I felt was disturbing and made with a sick mind. I don’t like the idea that they let that happen to the story. I feel the film would have been much more interesting if they could have made it a fake attraction at the end for a really good scare and just let the characters debating if they liked it or not. Instead I had to say that dreaded saying “That was the end”? Left me feeling left down, disturbed and wanting my money back.

would I recommend: Although there may be some out there that like this type of thing. I would have to say i definitely would not recommend this movie unless you are a group of teens just wanting to make fun of it and then still i don’t like the idea of them watching it.

Project Almanac:   rating: ♣♣♣ (liked it)

description: Friends discover plan for a time machine that one of them’s deceased father had left behind. They decide to build it and experiment with going back in time to change things and see what happens.

what I thought: I found this film to be a lot of fun. This subject of this film has been done other times but it still makes you think what you would do if you could go back and change things. It is fun to just watch, to think of your own past, to talk to your kids or friends about. It is simple yet i was pulled into it. Fun actors playing the characters as well.

would I recommend: I would definitely recommend. Watch it just for fun or to make you think of your own life and what you would do or what you think you should do for yourself now.

black or white:   rating: ♣♣♣ (liked it)

description: A grandfather loses his wife to an accident. He is then in charge of raising his daughter (also deceased) child who is bi-racial. The girls family on her dads side fight for custody from him.

What I thought: This film definitely can hit some nerves of some people. It addresses controversial issues that are still happening in America. I could relate to some of the times and issues and even ideas in the movie and I am pretty sure a large majority of views can relate to some aspect of the film. I thought it was interesting and makes you look at your own views and what you would think in that situation. In the end, I think the movie stresses the point that “good people” are “good people” and we should all take a look at ourselves in a real light and be truthful about who we are and how we effect the ones we love. I had up and down feelings in this movie but that is what it is suppose to do because those faced in real life with these situations are doing exactly that.

would I recommend: yes. It may not be everyone’s taste and may even make some people angry or they may disagree with the ideas and viewpoints but, it is a good movie for making us look at ourselves and at issues that go on with people we share the world with.


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