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judge     fox

Movies on obstacles of goals and family struggles.

⇒The Judge:    rating: ♣♣♣ (liked it)

description: A professional lawyer hears of his mothers passing and goes home for the funeral while there he learns his father is going to trial for murdering someone. He has to deal with family issues while there.

What I thought:  Of course I loved the actors starring in this film. Roberty Downey Jr. makes for a great lawyer in this movie. It takes you in and out of the problems of the family. It keeps you guessing on what has really happened in the case. I love watching the relationship interacting with the daughter of the lawyer. I found it interesting and the actors playing the characters kept me in the story.

would i recommend it: yes. I did not love it but i did think it was worth the watch. It has interesting concepts. I think you may have to be in the mood for it though.

Foxcatcher:   rating: ♣♣ (did not like it)

description: true story. A relationship between a rich man and two champion wrestlers. Striving for approval and worth to there loved ones.

what I thought: I liked that the story was true and what the story is about but, it was so very very slow. I don’t really like wrestling either. I just got very bored waiting for the points and what was going on in the families. It was too slow for me I kept fighting sleep. I also felt it made me feel down. There are worthy parts and points in it that are good but hard to wait for them to make it very good.

would I recommend it: not really. Only if you can really relate to the subjects of the approval or wrestling but it is not worth it to me.


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