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My Favorite things

Aveeno Oatmeal bath soak, Avon’s Oatmeal lotion, and Cetaphil.


These are  a few of my favorite things (sings)

1.  Aveeno Oatmeal bath soak

what I like about it: It may look a little weird as you pour it under the running faucet into your tub but, it feels amazing. This soak feels so good on ichy skin. I tried it just the other night because i could not get my dry ichy skin to soothe no matter what i did ( I even took benadryl). This bath soak is so moisturizing. my skin felt softer right away. (I don’t plug any products I don’t actually like). I have very sensitive skin and it is hard to find things that help rather than irritate and this felt wonderful.

How much is it: The box I found was about $10. It has 8 packs in it. (you don’t use everyday only in high skin stress times). I think it is worth it.

where can I get it: I found mine at my local Walgreens but, I am aware other local retailers carry it as well.

2. Avon’s moisture therapy Oatmeal lotion

what i like about it: You can see i like things with collidial oatmeal in it to soothe my skin. You can find many lotions with the oatmeal in it but, what I like about Avon’s they often run affordable sales like buy one get one free on their lotion. I also like that it comes in a larger size with the added bonus of the pump. I love the large size because i can use alot at a time. I try to put it on immediately after oatmeal bath or shower with any oatmeal for soothing body wash or bar soap.

how much is it: This varies on area you live and current avon prices and deals. I bought two of the 1 liter bottles for $10. I love it! I am still on my first bottle.

where can i get it: Any avon rep OR avon online.

3. cetaphil

what I like about it: I did not even know this existed until i was searching like crazy online for something for my face. I needed something that could soothe my sensitive skin but not make it feel oily or breakout or plain just irritate my skin more. What I love about it is……. it is sensitive skin friendly. It does not break my skin out. I love that it does not feel oily to me but instead aborbs very quickly. It feels great when used out of the fridge when you skin is hot from summer and wind blown. I use it everyday and don’t want to give it up.

how much is it: It is on the expensive side for me. I think the price i paid was $15. but I found a two coupons and paid $8. for it. I bough the tub size 16 oz. (I do not think the tube or pump work as well. weird.)

where can i get it: you can purchase this at most retailers fairly easy. I bought mine at Kmart.



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