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Sketchers Go walk 3 shoes


sketchers Go walk 3:    rating: ♦♦ (did not like)

description: This shoe is advertised as being the most comfort your foot can have. It says the shoe is made from the same material that yoga and exercise mats are made from. The top is suppose to be easy to clean fabric and the sole is suppose to be non slip with arch support that gives it extra spring and support. They are also advertising light weight.

what I thought: I bought the shoes because of what the description said but also because when you put them on they are very light weight and feel like they have alot of cushion, bounce and breathablity. I thought they would be great for work. However what I found after trying them was that they only feel good when just wearing them for a bit not for a day or even a half of a day. My feet hurt more than my regular shoes. They sink down and stay there. Yes the soles may not slip but I tripped on them all day long. My feet were killing me. They also looked a mess after not wearing them very long and I did not see how it would be easy to clean them. I was not pleased and very very quickly returned them.

how much are they: The ones i purchased were $60 but they go up to $100.

where you can get them: I found them at Kohl’s. I wish people more luck than i had with them. I will stick to my nike sneakers for now.


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