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al fresco chicken sausage review


alfresco chicken sausage:  rating: ♥♥♥♥ (really liked it)

description: This is chicken sausage therefore making it a little easier on the stomach. It comes in many different flavors. It is sold both in regular isles and the health food isle. It is 70% less fat with nice seasoning. all natural.

what I thought: I loved that it was chicken because I deal with irritable bowel syndrome and regular sausage can mean serious pain and sickness for up to a week. This sausage caused a little discomfort but i ate it three days in a row also. lol. I loved it! It was firm and had great seasoning. We tried three different flavors with this one being my favorite because it was slightly spicy. It goes great with many different things. our favorite is with lettuce and rice. yum.

how much was it: I think it is normally like $4. but I caught it on sale and got two packs for the same price. nice deal.

where can i get it: I think most places carry it but i bought ours at Hy-vee.

do i recommend it: yes–very much so.


Ours once it was done.


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