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The Conjuring 2


⇒The Conjuring 2    rating: 4        rotten tomatoes score: 4 (80%)

Genre: horror  (R)   2016

description: Lorraine and Ed Warren, who, in one of their most terrifying paranormal investigations, travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

what I thought: Starting out in this movie i did not know it was based on true events. I also did not know the investigators were ones that had done the amityville haunting. I have to say that made it more disturbing in my eyes. This movie is not a jump out your seat or hold your eyes type of movie but it did make my hair stand up and whine a little at intense parts. I was very drawn into the story so i think it was worth the watch for scary movie lovers.

favorite clip: A tie between the girl in the beginning talking with the dead with her sister watching and the part where the chair against the door moves. spooky.

personal notes: It is never a “good” idea to play games with an ouija board! This movie had good old fashion style scary to it. I loved the realistic telling how the people ran out the house even the police when things happen. laughs.



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