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Lays taste test

8-30-16 imm 038

Taste test: Brazilian Picanha, Szechuan chicken, marsala, Greek, with some crystal Pepsi

rating: chips ~ 3 out of 5

rating: Pepsi ~ 4 out of 5

Testers: (3) male 20 years old, female 23 years old, female 40 years old.

Best taste in order:

1.Wavy Greek cheese, Indian marsala, Brazilian Picanha, Szedchuan chicken

Here is why: The seasoning on the chips were strong and for people who are not chip lovers lots of salt is not usually a good idea. The results were all the same with the three testers. They all said they liked the lighter taste and tang of the Greek wavy chip best. The second pick was the marsala also because of a lighter taste but good flavors. The Brazilian was rated well but made tasters want the real meat more than a chip and lastly the szechuan only because it was the most salty and for the spice making very thirsty. All flavors were enjoyed but the Greek chip bag was the only one empty at end of the night.

Crystal Pepsi: The chips were washed down with ice water and this throwback Pepsi. The younger taster were excited to try the clear soda. They rated it pretty good not the best but a lot of  fun to try and enjoyable. They both bought a second bottle later so i think they enjoyed it. They said it is pretty much lighter tasting Pepsi or a carbonated Pepsi flavored water.






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