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M & M taste test

8-30-16 imm 006

Testers: 19-39 years old (5 testers)

results of best tasting in order:

1. Coffee nut 2.Chili nut 3. honey nut

Here is why: 3 of the tasters liked the coffee nut best saying it was unique with the slight taste of coffee without it being over done. Reminded them of international coffee mixes. They thought it would taste good at holidays or on rainy days. 2 of the other tasters preferred the chili nut because of the surprising slight spice to it. They expressed that the little spice and chocolate blended well together and made it stand out from the other M & M’s. In last was the honey with all tasters not caring much for it saying it taste like any other sweet chocolate and it was almost too sweet.

So there you have it on the new flavors (sorry it got posted late). The winner came out coffee. Hope if you tried any you went and voted.


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