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The Secret Life of Pets


⇒The Secret Life of Pets   rating: 3     rotten tomatoes score: 6/10 (74%)

Genre: animation (pg)   2016

description: a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day.

what I thought: I thought this movie was a fun uplifting watch. I would have preferred it focus more on the funny aspects of pets and their quirks etc.. instead of as much on the two main dog characters but, i still had a nice time watching it. It slows some in the middle but i still think the characters and action bring it through.

favorite clip: When the main character dog is talking to the cat upstairs and she is playing with her pet mouse. The pets and their toys made me smile.I also love the into. when the dog is talking about him and his owners relationship.

personal notes: I liked how in the intro the talk of the pet and owners relationship is how most people want their human relationship to be.




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