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Born a Crime

Adult – bio- non fiction

Born a Crime ~ Trevor Noah

rating: 5    goodreads rating: 4.5


What I thought: I thought it was fantastic!! I love Trevor Noah’s comedy and wit. I found his story extremely interesting and dramatic. I feel his story like all of ours is part of the whole world’s story of how we interact and deal with each other and struggle to hold on through struggles and see victory in our lives. I think many can learn a lot from what he shares with other whether about his life or the observations he tends to share in his stand up. He had a rough road and he often got himself in a little trouble (which bugged me when he would say it did not bother him lol).  I enjoyed learning his story.

My favorite passage: My favorite part was his relationship with his mom. she was a strong women for sure. I had to laugh at the conversation jabs they would have on views and religion. She did what she truly felt she needed to do and in a way i felt his book was a tribute to her more so then just his story. Gives his mom applause for working so hard and holding onto faith.


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