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The Wrath and the Dawn

   YA fiction – drama

The Wrath & the Dawn ~ Renee Ahdieh

rating: 5   (loved it !)     Goodreads rating: 4.2  

Description: Khalid is a boy king who is flying through women brides marrying them one day and having them killed by morning. Shazi has just seen her good friend killed by the king and offers herself up to be his next bride so she may stop the killing by killing him by sunrise but she finds herself falling for him making it a problem of killing him.

What I thought: I was drawn in by this book because of the beautiful cover and inside art and decided to give it a chance. I am glad i did because the characters pulled me in and made me want to learn them. The surprise for me was the story within the story that Shazi (as the king calls her) tells the king to prolong her life was so interesting like getting two books in one. I loved the tension and watching things unfold and the dynamics between her and the handmaiden as well.

A favorite passage in the book: ( I love how she Shaharzad stands up for herself)

Shahrzad’s mouth fell agape. “Listen to me: we can either stand in the hallways of the palace and shout at each other , or you can let me have my way now and spare yourself the trouble. When I was twelve, my best friend and I were falsely accused of stealing a necklace. The shopkeeper’s fourteen year old son said he would let us go for a kiss each. I broke his nose, and my best friend shoved him in a tough of water. When we were confronted by his father , we denied the entire incident, and I had to sit outside our door for a whole night. It was the best sleep of my life.”

Another readers review on this book: 

Where you can find it: amazon, ebay, library


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