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Fantastic Beasts

fantasy beasts from Harry Potter world in America

rating: 4 (really liked it)    goodreads rating: 73% audience – 80%

description: This spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise jumps back in time to explore the wizarding world of 1926 New York, which is being threatened by both mystical acts of destruction and a group of extremist No-Majs (the American term for Muggles, i.e. those unable to use magic). Author Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) arrives in the city as part of a global study of fantastic beasts, but he gets caught up in this conflict when some of the magical creatures in his care are accidentally released.

What did I think: I enjoyed the film. I liked imagining the world of Harry Potter in America. I would have liked it even more if it took place in current time but I still enjoyed it. It felt a little long towards the end but I loved seeing all the different creatures and how they behaved. I loved the man who wanted to open a bakery. He was funny. I also like Queenie cause she reminded me of a character from the book The Great Gatsby. What I did not like in the movie would be the satanic symbols for the magical parts. There is a way to have magic and wonder and fantasy without bringing real life occult things into the movie. I have to say that is only my opinion but it turns me off to things when they do that. They definitely need to make a book or movie on the american school (minus the witchcraft stuff–my opinion).

My favorite part: All the funny parts were my favorite. I also loved the part where the main character takes people back to where he is keeping the animals with the different scenes of winter and fall etc.. I found it very beautiful and captures the imagination.


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