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Mountain Dew taste challenge


Testers: 18-38 years old (3)

Dew winner was: Baja Blast

Here’s why: Testers are big Dew fans and love all flavors. They tasted both and all liked Baja best stating although both are good pitch black is basically grape soda with caffine and they liked the unique look and taste of the baja. They also noted it was perfect for summer cause made them think of tropical oceans.

Which one do you like? If you tried i hope you voted.

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M & M taste test

8-30-16 imm 006

Testers: 19-39 years old (5 testers)

results of best tasting in order:

1. Coffee nut 2.Chili nut 3. honey nut

Here is why: 3 of the tasters liked the coffee nut best saying it was unique with the slight taste of coffee without it being over done. Reminded them of international coffee mixes. They thought it would taste good at holidays or on rainy days. 2 of the other tasters preferred the chili nut because of the surprising slight spice to it. They expressed that the little spice and chocolate blended well together and made it stand out from the other M & M’s. In last was the honey with all tasters not caring much for it saying it taste like any other sweet chocolate and it was almost too sweet.

So there you have it on the new flavors (sorry it got posted late). The winner came out coffee. Hope if you tried any you went and voted.

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Lays taste test

8-30-16 imm 038

Taste test: Brazilian Picanha, Szechuan chicken, marsala, Greek, with some crystal Pepsi

rating: chips ~ 3 out of 5

rating: Pepsi ~ 4 out of 5

Testers: (3) male 20 years old, female 23 years old, female 40 years old.

Best taste in order:

1.Wavy Greek cheese, Indian marsala, Brazilian Picanha, Szedchuan chicken

Here is why: The seasoning on the chips were strong and for people who are not chip lovers lots of salt is not usually a good idea. The results were all the same with the three testers. They all said they liked the lighter taste and tang of the Greek wavy chip best. The second pick was the marsala also because of a lighter taste but good flavors. The Brazilian was rated well but made tasters want the real meat more than a chip and lastly the szechuan only because it was the most salty and for the spice making very thirsty. All flavors were enjoyed but the Greek chip bag was the only one empty at end of the night.

Crystal Pepsi: The chips were washed down with ice water and this throwback Pepsi. The younger taster were excited to try the clear soda. They rated it pretty good not the best but a lot of  fun to try and enjoyable. They both bought a second bottle later so i think they enjoyed it. They said it is pretty much lighter tasting Pepsi or a carbonated Pepsi flavored water.





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al fresco chicken sausage review


alfresco chicken sausage:  rating: ♥♥♥♥ (really liked it)

description: This is chicken sausage therefore making it a little easier on the stomach. It comes in many different flavors. It is sold both in regular isles and the health food isle. It is 70% less fat with nice seasoning. all natural.

what I thought: I loved that it was chicken because I deal with irritable bowel syndrome and regular sausage can mean serious pain and sickness for up to a week. This sausage caused a little discomfort but i ate it three days in a row also. lol. I loved it! It was firm and had great seasoning. We tried three different flavors with this one being my favorite because it was slightly spicy. It goes great with many different things. our favorite is with lettuce and rice. yum.

how much was it: I think it is normally like $4. but I caught it on sale and got two packs for the same price. nice deal.

where can i get it: I think most places carry it but i bought ours at Hy-vee.

do i recommend it: yes–very much so.


Ours once it was done.

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Korean street tacos


evol. street tacos:    rating: ♠ (hated it)

description: defined as a korean style beef and kimchi for microwave.

what I thought: I love love street food. I was excited that not only was this product named as a street food but it was also korean making me think it had some spice and savory beef. I was a bit put off by it being for the microwave. I did buy but i can not say i liked it. It did not seem to heat nicely and thoroughly. It did not taste horrible but it also was not not the best. It was bland and cooled to quickly and just did not look like humans food. I was NOT a fan.

how much was it: I am trying to remember i think $4 or $5 dollars. (wishing i could get it back–ha ha)

where can i find it: Target stores.

IMG_3736[1]This is what it really looks like.

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Lancaster soft caramels – candy



Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (4 really liked)


Is advertised as a creamy soft caramel. It says it is naturally flavored and softer than traditional caramels.

What I thought:

I bought the small size because they were a little expensive in my opinion. I tried one right away. I was in love. I found that they are very creamy and soft. It is like the caramel in a milk dud expect a little softer and creamier. They are wrapped separetly and there are about six in the small packet. which sold retail for about $1.46. I thought it was worth it if you were going to take a indivual candy to an event or something. The only negative that I had that kept me from giving it a perfect score was the price from the regular size was a little expensive and it is not a healthy treat. It being a candy means I can not have it regularly but, now will crave it. smiles.

Where I bought it:

Hy-vee and should be in most retail stores.