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Intisar Khanani

fantasy – fiction

Rating: ♣♣♣ (3 liked it)


About a family having three daughters. A fairy comes to their home putting them in danger and threatening to expose their secrets. They must find a way to hide their secret and keep their family safe while at the same time helping the fairy with business and a safe exit.

What I thought:

This is a very short story so I was not sure what to think of it at first. I jumped right in not sure what was going on because the book does not describe a setting in which to place the people or who they are right away. However, the characters drew me in. I loved the relationship between the sisters and parents. I most LOVED the descriptive way the author writes about the foods, smells, textures and what the environment looks and feels like. I felt like I was in this home getting to know the three girls. I wanted to know what was in store for each of their unique characters.

I am not such of a faerie person when it comes to fantasy books but, I adapted to it. I like the magic element to it. I was getting deep into the characters and what was to come when the book suddenly (to me) ended. I was highly disappointed with the quick ending. I learned after reading it that there will be a second book where it goes on but, I am not a huge fan of on going books especially if they can not stand on their own and be understood. I had mixed emotions at the end and I want to know what happens with the girls. Even with my disappointment though I still recommend this book as a good quick read and I hope I can see where she takes the characters in the next book.

A favorite passage:

When the sisters are in the kitchen cooking and the sister with the club foot is describing her sisters food. I love how comfortable and cozy it seems. I like how she is admiring her sister skill and makes you want to be there and experience what that food is like.

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Collapsed Cathedrals - NEW

Eli Hinze

Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (4) really liked.


Six months after her otherworldly experience beneath the sands of Egypt, Liz Patrona is just getting by in the normal world, seemingly abandoned by those she called friends. Without warning they come beating at her door, calling her to immediate action. Her adversary Jakeus has traveled to the mountains of an uncharted European land, back to a delicate point in time. Therein lies Rosamund, a thriving Guard civilization where Liz’s people are very much alive. Not only do Guards and Epilektoi abound, but the malevolent Loki as well, biding their time as they plan a foul revenge. At the top of their hierarchy stands Jakeus. Liz takes on Rosamund’s protection as her personal duty, enduring everything from abduction, public execution, and betrayal by those she trusts most to protect it. As the clock ticks down, she discovers the one person the Loki are convinced will lead them in their quest for Rosamund’s destruction . . .

Liz herself.

What I thought:

I did not know if this second book in the series would hold up to the first one that I liked so much but, it did it even more justice. I loved the characters. It helped me really understand the different races and places so much better. It also helps you understand how the enemy Jakeus became the way he is. I loved how it showed the differences in the regular world, the world of Salome and the new world they have the adventure in. This book had lots of hidden meanings and lessons to learn in it. I enjoyed seeing the different points of view from the different characters as well. The romance aspect did not take up the whole book but was fun and interesting. I liked the aspects of the war and powers. I especially liked learning about Jakeus character and how different areas responded to the powers of the characters. I found the book interesting and very enjoyable.

A favorite passage of the book:

Is the conflicting feelings of the characters in the book. The love triangle of Mark and her protecter. Also in Jakeus and the main characters relationship and battle between good and evil. The relationships of the characters families. I liked this part: “And then Jakeus made a mistake. A horrible mistake, causing a battle to rage within his head. He had just gone to see Liz in the forest, something he both wished he had never done, and yet he yearned to still be there. Simple as breathing, she extended a hand to him and offered him a fresh start. A one way ticket away from all his sin and hate and the malicious crowd surrounding him. He refused”.

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The Key to Amatahns

Elisabeth Wheatley

Rating: ♣♣♣♣ (4) really liked


Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns…

What I thought:

As with many fantasy books you have to get used to the unique names and places but, it is worth it. I found this book to be very entertaining. I felt like I was in a movie watching the characters and the unique places they travelled through. Janir is the main character and you find yourself feeling sorry for her and rooting for her. There are parts that are violent but, necessary to see why the characters grow as they do and why they progress through the story as they do. Karlie is a character in himself. He is quirky, driven and most times loyal. I liked learning the characters and imagining the scenes played out. It reads smooth and quickly. I found it a joy to read.

A favorite passage in the book:

“This whole place seemed to have been engineered to strike terror in the heart of all who drew near”.  I loved the final scenes of the cave like place with the empty knights coming alive. It was like Harry Potter meets I-Robot. Very cool.

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No Angels

Eli Hinze

Rating: ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ (4 )

When starting this book I was not sure what to think of it. It had talking cats and references to myth, christian belief, and other religions, and fantasy. I was thrown a little by the words like “Epilektoi” and “Diaspora” not getting the meaning of them but, that soon faded. I was drawn into the characters especially Liz and Riven. I was pulled into the hard-hitting training of Liz and the purpose of what was ahead of her. I liked how the story had a little of everything in it and it flowed smoothly. I loved envisioning all the places and people as they were described. I did feel sorry for the character of Mark who seemed lost in the story and not really having purpose there but, loved how some of the characters were fierce and some nurturing and kind. I stayed up late the last few chapters excited to see how the story would play out. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to those who love to read fantasy and fiction.

Favorite quote:

“what you do now determines what’s at the end of the tunnel for you. I’m not only asking you to put your back into it, but your heart too!  That’s because not only your life is in this, everyone’s is. Keep moving!” ~No Angels

Book description:  Liz Patrona never expected to lose her normal life completely. She never expected that people’s memories of her would vanish, or that all records of her existence would disappear. She never expected to be stolen away to a city beneath the desert. And she definitely never expected to be told she was the God-chosen barrier between the common man and paranormal threats.

Liz is a teenager perfectly happy with her mediocrity, that is, before she’s taken by a peculiar group of people and forced into a role she never imagined, – and definitely doesn’t want. Distinguishing illusion from reality, realizing her abilities as a pyrokinetic, and keeping other-worldly objects from the hands of normal folk are only some of the things that await her. Prepared for this by her new mentor, a rude, possibly sadistic, but oddly attracting man, Liz braces herself for what is to come. But many an unknown thing lurks here, and what she doesn’t know may just kill her.

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Fanged Princess

Elisabeth Wheatley

Rating: ♣♣♣ (liked)

I found this short adventure about a vampire boy who falls in love with a human girl to be filled with adventure and action. You really feel for the characters especially the boy’s sister whose eyes the story is told from.

There are some terms that people may not be familiar with in the book such as “Kaiju” but, that does not hurt the story and you can always look up the words especially on the easy kindle and e reader versions. I think this is worth reading. The characters start to pull you in especially when you understand who they are more. I think this book and others by Ms. Wheatly are a great inspiration for young writers since she is a senior in high school herself.

Favorite quote:

“Because my father strongly disapproves of human-vampire relationships that last longer than breakfast” ~Fanged Princess. 2013

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