New Books


All our wrong todays, Elan Mastai, sci-fi/fiction memoir, 2016

Rating: 4     Goodreads: 3.9

description: Tom lives in a futuristic version of our 2016 but he feels like a failure. In an accidental time travel he comes to our 2016. He meets different versions of himself and his family. He then has to decide which present and future to keep and who he really feels he is.

what I thought: I was so excited for this book but started to feel let down in the beginning of the book because of so much talk of the science and Tom’s upsetting views of women. I should not have worried because at page 130 or so the book pulled me in and had my full attention. I would have liked more time on the differences  in times and places and what he valued in each of them. It still was fulfilling in the unique narrative of Tom, who keeps explaining this is “his” book and story. He is writing it and in the different personalities. I was to pay close attention.

Favorite part: I loved the change of how Tom looks at women and Penny but, more so the part of the book when Tom is explaining how humans want to control the world and make it what we want but we can’t. We can’t fix it. This was meaningful to me in more than one way. One example in life is faith- how humans always want to control but Christians higher power ask you to surrender to His control.


David Gregory, christian fiction, 2016

Rating: 5    Goodreads: 4.3

descriptionEmma is hurting deeply after a breakup. She is struggling with how biblical scripture relates to her modern life and why God seems so far away. She gets a envelope that says “open” and that begins an adventure where she goes back in time to meet Jesus.

What I thought: This book brings Jesus and his time on this earth come to life in a personal way. I loved every bit of it. I read it all in one night. It makes the gospels simple, relatable, and to the point.

Favorite part: I enjoyed all of the book but the part that touched me was towards the end when Jesus is explaining how we give our lives to Him so He can live his life through us. It explains how we have everything in Him. I also liked how he explained how not forgiving people kiss something in ourselves.